Handcraft Soaps & Natural Beauty Products


   Our commitment is to offer high end handmade luxury bar soap and all natural beauty products.

Free from commercial chemicals and colored dyes. At prices you can afford.

Giving our customers loyal, down to earth, country hospitality and service.

    No one knows our tree is fake this year with my "Oh Christmas Tree "candle going! Smells like Christmas! Thanks! Love it! ?

    Ama Haynes

    Fantastic soap!!! Thank you!!!

    Erin Fourier

    Every product I've used from Johnise has been AMAZING! Soaps, lip balm, body scrub, body butter and most recently her bath bomb! It smelled SO GOOD and left my skin moisturized and SOFT!! Two days later and I'm still noticing the difference it did with my skin! Thanks for all your amazing products!

    Kristen Allen

    I've been meaning to tell you, I've been using your hemp bar on my face and I absolutely love it! No breakouts since I started, it removes all my makeup, and leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized afterwards! Yay! Thank you!

    Ama Haynes

    Need to buy more soap, love it!

    Cheryl Callahan