Ask Ben. Our soap really lathers we made bubbles.

With so many soaps, why choose Savon? 

With our luxury soap. We go above and beyond the label with every batch. We offer handmade luxury all natural beauty products. This is a unique hot process for our soap. Crafted bar soaps have a rustic feel, though created to be fun. All of our colorants are free of mica and dyes, using only clay, herbs and berries. Going a bit crazy with our fun we are using Pumpkin, Sweet Pea, Love Spell, Bay Rum, Lavender, and many more to get you’re senses going. While still getting the best oils for cleansing like organic coconut, grape oils, and cocoa butters. 

Here in the studio we have fun with uplifting scents, while working with moisturizing properties that help the skin. Having fun is my motto. What makes this art thrive and come alive is this old school recipe. This recipe has proven to surpass the test of time. The first known hot processed soaps were discovered as early as 2800 BC. Their they discovered that they were very good for your skin, while improving hygiene and health. 

What makes Hot Processed so fascinating here in studio?  

The hot process method is usually cooked in a crock pot making small batches. When temperatures come to age and the oils have turned into saponified soap. We than can add Super Fats to the batch and inmost cases; herbs, clay and berries. Creating at this stage the sky is the limit to new ideas and creations. However, you must work fast as the soap needs to be scooped into the molds at this stage.  

This is what I find fascinating, the lye is not destroying the Super Fats, herbs, or the clay, keeping Super Fats. Science is amazing. The Super Fats are floating in the soaps molecules leaving extra fat in the soap. Their’s not enough lye to saponify into soap and the Super Fats are not broken down leaving fresh oils in the soap molecules.  

In my opinion this is the best method of soap making because it leaves you’re skin soft and clean. I love the wholesome rustic feel. Did I mention? We have come a long way with our Super Fats from all around the world. 

In ordering the best Fats 

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Give us a try and we will give you our love in every batch. You will receive a free try me sample with every order.  

Here in the studio every single batch is made with love and that’s a promise.  

I thank you for taking you’re time and visiting! 


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