Aloha by Savonbyjohnise is made with Organic Coconut Oil and Saponified soap oils which allow for skin moisturization. Pumpkin and Pineapple powders which are good for acne and irritated skin are part of the essential ingredients  used in the production in addition with enriched Macadamia nut butter top-notes of Plumeria flower sweeten with pineapple and Fragrant that bring out a pleasant scent. Aloha soaps are produced in beautiful Cline Falls Oregon just located in between Bend and Redmond Oregon.

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We’ve added yogurt to our new soap bars, and here is a brief reason for adding yogurt furthermore by adding yogurt to the end of process time after cook ensures you are getting a true bar of yogurt soap.

Yogurt makes soaps luxuriously rich and moisturizing improving hot process methods, and contains lactic acid, a natural exfoliator. Yogurt soaps also contains a fair amount of zinc, which lends itself to help heal and dry pimples. Yogurt soap also contains antibacterial properties and a high fat content to nourish dry skin with a lush creamy lather

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single 1" bar cut and wrapped 6.1 oz $7.50, 4 bars for $25.00 cut and wrapped, Half Loaf 3.5 lb (precut to 9 – 1" bars) = $45.00 unwrapped, Half Loaf 6.5 lb (precut to 18 – 1" bars) = $90.00 unwrapped


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